Why My Public Toilets Problem Is Gone Forever Thanks To Machine Washable Shoes

(by Jerry Gavard)

Can you think of any problems all males have ran into at one point? We can’t get through a single day without running into problems, but a few are so common we can all relate to them. Nod your head if you’ve ever accidentally peed on your shoes while visiting a public toilet. Maybe the word ‘accidentally’ doesn’t need to be mentioned, because I doubt you’ve done it on purpose with the sole aim of giving your shoes a yellow shower. I blame the urinals, and you don’t run into the same problems in a gender neutral bathroom. It’s always the toilet’s fault because they don’t come with better instructions. Who remembers to stay well clear of the urinal when they’re desperate to go? I’ve had so much spray back on my lovely shoes, I’m thinking of carrying a bag everywhere I go so I can use that instead.

The reason I’m so upset is because I now have a child who can use the toilet on his own, so he doesn’t need me to walk in with him. If I can’t find unisex restrooms he insists on destroying his shoes every time he goes to pee in the urinals. He doesn’t need to worry about splash back because he doesn’t aim anyway, so the full force of his pee lands straight on his shoes. I’m sure he is secretly smiling because he knows who is going to be cleaning up the mess when we go home. I think my son has developed my habit for wanting the best shoes possible, but he is still small and his feet are growing at an alarming rate. It sometimes feels like I spend more money on his shoes than I spend on the mortgage. That is why I want to look after his shoes better than I looked after my own when I was younger. I would use Febreeze to take the smell out of them, and I would only throw them in the washing machine if they were really bad because it would destroy the materials.

Well my son’s shoes are really bad every time he pees on them, and because I’m buying him new ones by the truckload I didn’t want to risk throwing them in the machine only to watch them get ripped apart.

One day I discovered something that changed my life, because one of my friends told me to buy machine washable shoes. I started looking around on 6pm.com and FinishLine.com to see the selections they had, and I must admit I was pleasantly surprised. I found the Tsukihoshi shoes for kids, which are antibacterial and washable, at 6pm.com.

Tsukihoshi kids shoes

And FinishLine.com has some great washable kicks for this summer. Now I don’t need to worry about trying to find a public restroom without urinals when my son needs to go. I might still use the gender neutral restroom directory to save myself from throwing a load in the washing machine, but I definitely don’t need to worry about my son ruining his beautiful shoes when he goes near bathrooms. I’ve started buying machine washable shoes too, because after a few drinks it’s a lot harder to hold your aim as you get older.

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