Finish Line Restrooms May Not Be A Private As You Thought

camera in Finish Line restroom

Even though many people make the utmost effort to avoid the possibility of utilizing a public restroom, when the need to relieve oneself arises, the process of finding a sanitary public bathroom can prove to be time consuming to say the least. As such, it comes as no surprise that many people choose to utilize restrooms that are located within large stores such as Finish Line.

However, while it may be true that restrooms from large corporations like these, tend to be more sanitary than a public restroom within a locally owned business, the downside to this, is that the chances that your privacy may be come compromised, is higher, when you utilize a public restroom or dressing room from a large corporation.

Finish Line Lawsuit

To put things in retrospect, lets take a look at the lawsuit that was filed on behalf of five Finish Line employees, who got secretly video taped by their boss, while they were using the bathroom. Finish line is a chain of stores. They have a strong online presence, too,  and they co-operate with bloggers who post the company’s deals and coupons so people can get discounts on top brands such as Nike, Adidas, Puma and Converse. Back in 2011, the ex-manager of Finish Line, David Meyer, got accused of installing portable hidden cameras within Finish Line’s public restroom and the customer dressing room as well. What’s also alarming about this fact is that his actions went unnoticed for an undetermined amount of time, and was only discovered when his ex-girlfriend discovered the videos that he had been recording on his personal computer. What this means is that, this individual may have had those cameras installed for a period of months or years.

Why Public Restrooms From Stores Like Finish Line Are Prime Targets For People Who Have An Abnormal Sexual Behavior

While this in itself may seem like an isolated incident, before you jump to conclusion, you have to ask yourself, Why are public restrooms from stores like Finish Line, an ideal target for people who have an abnormal behavior ? Said in simple terms, traffic. The reality of the fact is that large stores may have hundreds of customers making purchases on any given day. As such, an individual with an abnormal behavior, knows that they will be able to record more videos of girls within these types of restrooms and dressing rooms by installing a hidden camera in a well known store, as opposed to a locally based store.

Sears fitting rooms

To put things in retrospect, lets take look at another incident that occurred within another well known store. Back in 2012, a total of approximately 25 people alleged that a former maintenance man, hid video cameras within one of Sear’s fitting room and taped them, while they were in the changing room. What’s so disturbing about this incident, is that the determination this individual had was made evident, when investigators realized that the cameras that he installed were triggered by motion sensors and he had them in place for a period of up to three years. With a yearly revenue of $31 billion on average, it comes as no surprise why dubious individuals target public restrooms and changing rooms of big companies, they know that large, well known stores attract a large influx of female based customers on a daily basis.