Why My Public Toilets Problem Is Gone Forever Thanks To Machine Washable Shoes

(by Jerry Gavard)

Can you think of any problems all males have ran into at one point? We can’t get through a single day without running into problems, but a few are so common we can all relate to them. Nod your head if you’ve ever accidentally peed on your shoes while visiting a public toilet. Maybe the word ‘accidentally’ doesn’t need to be mentioned, because I doubt you’ve done it on purpose with the sole aim of giving your shoes a yellow shower. I blame the urinals, and you don’t run into the same problems in a gender neutral bathroom. It’s always the toilet’s fault because they don’t come with better instructions. Who remembers to stay well clear of the urinal when they’re desperate to go? I’ve had so much spray back on my lovely shoes, I’m thinking of carrying a bag everywhere I go so I can use that instead.

Worst Breakfast Date…Ever!

Saturday, July 6, 1974

I hadn’t seen Kendall in at least two weeks. I saw her about two Thursdays before the Fourth of July—which would have been about June 20—in Detroit. That warm, beautiful afternoon we hung out together, just enjoying ourselves being away from college, back in the city in which we grew up and went to school.