Benefits Of Restroom Renovations

Restroom renovations are among the most common and complex projects that are carried out by commercial and institutional facilities. They involve several major systems—plumbing and electrical distribution—as well as fixtures, doors and door hardware. Additionally, they are usually designed to ensure that the restrooms are compliant with access guidelines and they give the maintenance and engineering managers an opportunity to add new and water saving technology.

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When formulating the restroom renovation plans the managers have to determine the benefits of the renovations, and understand the common trouble spots that they may encounter when planning and carrying out the upgrades. They should then identify ways through which they will maximize benefits, which can include better hygiene, lower water consumption and lower maintenance costs, and avoid problems such as poor cleanliness and bad odor. The state of a facility’s restrooms reflect the quality of the product or service that is offered in that facility, whether the facility belongs to a store, an organization or an institution. So it’s imperative that restrooms are easy to use and pleasing for any prospective visitor or client.

Benefits Of Restroom Renovations

  1. Improved sanitation – Older restroom fittings usually harbor more bacteria and viruses. Every time that a toilet is flushed, over 10,000 viruses and bacteria can be atomized into the air. It takes only 1 hour for bacteria and viruses on the sink handle to multiply by a factor of sixteen.

Newer designs for taps, toilets, urinals and sinks are designed so that they can be used hands free, limiting the risking of infection through touching the restroom surfaces. Some of the designs actually aid in the cleaning of fittings. The decrease in physical contact means that restrooms don’t spread bacteria and viruses as easily as they did in the past.

  1. Create a comfortable environment – Modern and new fittings make going to the restroom a pleasing experience for the tenants and visitors and reflect well on the manager and owner of the building, as well as the institution.
  1. Easy access – Older buildings may have their charm but there is nothing charming about a restroom that’s inaccessible bathroom. The Americans with Disabilities Act (ADA) was created to give disabled U.S. citizens the same rights as everybody else. Not only is maintaining an out of date restroom against U.S laws, it’s also unfair to individuals who need it. A restroom that is ADA compliant relays to your clients that your institution or company is up-to-date and does not discriminate against people with disabilities.
  1. Reduce costs – Modern toilet designs have flush options and some of the new urinals have in built sensors that enable them to only flush after use. Modern tap fittings can also enable you to save water as they’re either equipped with flow sensors or they’re set with timers which offer limited flow. You’ll never again have to worry about taps that were accidentally left running.
  1. Improved efficiency – Modern restroom utilities and fixtures require less maintenance and are easier to clean. For instance tiled floors need extra care, time and cleaning material to keep them clean. Additionally, such floors also have to be periodically cleaned with special grout cleaning chemicals. During the restroom renovations such flooring can be replaced with seamless, one piece epoxy flooring or a similar membrane that will need less maintenance while maintaining a pleasant, bright appearance that’s free from dirty, gray grout lines.
  1. Enhance uniformity and aesthetics – Renovating a restroom is one of the great ways of bringing uniformity to it. I feel safer when I use a restroom in a store or in a public facility when the toilet, the sink, and the tile have the same color and similar material. A consistent restroom not only looks better, it also makes cleaning a lot easier. Additionally, restroom renovations that are done with a focus on enhancing aesthetics ultimately reflect well on the facility.