Benefits Of Restroom Renovations

Restroom renovations are among the most common and complex projects that are carried out by commercial and institutional facilities. They involve several major systems—plumbing and electrical distribution—as well as fixtures, doors and door hardware. Additionally, they are usually designed to ensure that the restrooms are compliant with access guidelines and they give the maintenance and […]

Worst Breakfast Date…Ever!

Saturday, July 6, 1974 I hadn’t seen Kendall in at least two weeks. I saw her about two Thursdays before the Fourth of July—which would have been about June 20—in Detroit. That warm, beautiful afternoon we hung out together, just enjoying ourselves being away from college, back in the city in which we grew up […]

Walls That Pee Back Public Urinators

  If you have ever been on a drinking spree, then you must be familiar with how bathrooms tend to ‘disappear’ after your third bottle. And I bet that you ended up relieving yourself in some of the most awkward places, especially on walls. I’m not surprised by that. What I can’t seem to understand […]

Why We Need Public Toilets – Benefits

When I was in middle school, I sometimes used to skip breakfast just to avoid the nightmare of using the bathroom in the course of my 1.5-mile trek to school. I don’t know whether you’ve ever tried to hold your bladder while quickening your pace through a maze of traffic, at the same time praying […]