Why Should Finish Line Help Renovate Public Toilets in Missouri?

Working as a freelancing social activist has its own share of challenges. With society becoming more self-driven for its own perseverance, individual welfare has suffered a huge setback. The inequitable distribution of wealth has left more than half of the population in hard situations, where they are engaged in an ongoing struggle for survival. I have always been eager to help people and do my part in this world to make it a safer and better place for all. But doing it alone is not an option that can ever meet success.

It helps of course, when well known organizations do their part in helping the less fortunate. For the last couple of years I have been participating in all the charity events that have been hosted by Finish Line. This Company is well known for catering to the needs of its customers who are involved in a rigorous fitness lifestyle. There are more than 600 Finish Line Stores all over the US and they all house well known brands. I have often shopped there myself, being a fan of their Nike collection. Also, with the Finishline.com coupons at hand, buying such top quality, expensive shoes has become really quite easy.

One of the main reasons why I love Finish Line is the huge number of events they have started to help others. The Finish Line Youth Foundation is focused on elevating the standard of living of all people, and they have done some amazing work in the last couple of years. They donated about $152,500 in grants in the year 2013 to all the organizations which support youth development in over 12 states. Later that year, they even launched the Annual Holiday Drive in the stores and online to raise money through donations for all aspiring athletes in the country. Out of the total amount collected, $1 million was used for Special Olympics which is maintained by Finish Line for kids and adults who have intellectual disabilities. The Finish Line youth Foundation also donated $25000 to build a playground in Bradenton, FL for children with special needs. And on 31stMarch, 2015, it offered 300,000 meals to feed the hungry in Indiana and Liberia.

It is really inspiring to see such efforts being made by Finish Line to help people who are at a disadvantage. It is extremely important to give back to the community where we live. Not only did I participate in all these events, but I also worked with their team in order to do extensive background research to help Finish Line achieve an understanding of the type of causes they should focus more on. I usually draft my proposals based on my observations and also the feedback that I receive from the folks of the community. This helps Finish Line to make progress in areas that are in bad shape.

Recently, a lot of the community residents have been complaining about the lack of public restrooms. Since there are not enough public toilets, people often resort to utilizing street corners to relieve themselves. This has been a major concern because of the lack of hygiene and dangers that this situation exposes all members of the locality to. A lot of pedestrians have reported the strong stench of urine that comes from the underpass and crevices in the inner city areas. While stricter laws have been suggested to prohibit people from urinating in public, constructing new public toilets is the only solution to this problem.

When I was in France last year, I used a fully automated, self cleaning public toilet, which left me speechless!

I wish we had this kind of public restrooms in the US, too.

The lack of public toilets also discourages people from moving around in their city freely. Public places like playgrounds, sports arenas and even streets should have proper urinals located so that people can use these facilities when they need to. Otherwise, people will reduce their movement and stick to their usual routine between their home and office.

When people move around a lot, they stay physically active. Because of lack of public toilets, their movements will get restricted, and that means that they will experience lesser physical workout. This can cause high rate of obesity in adults and children.

Also, one of the major requirements in the city today is the renovation of public toilets. A lot of city officials think that spending money to upgrade public restrooms is a waste. But studies have proved that renovation can actually lower expenditures in the long run. There are several benefits to upgrading the current restrooms we have in our locality:

  • A lot of people are very hygiene conscious. If public restrooms are not kept clean and in working condition, no one will visit these anyway. Pathogenic bacteria do develop in public restrooms. By renovating the urinals, new automatic touch-free devices can be installed in the bathroom for air dryers, soap dispensers, sink faucets. Even door handles can have a sensor that will register a hand motion in front of it. The door will then automatically slide open.
  • The toilets can be cleaned automatically without the requirement of touching any buttons. Even sanitizers can release disinfectants in between each flush.
  • Waterless urinals can be installed which operate on liquid seals design. This is extremely sanitary and odorless. This also does not lead to wastage of water.

Finish Line can truly make a big positive difference if it decides to provide the necessary funds in order to construct new public restrooms. Also, a part of these funds will be used to upgrade existing restrooms so that their cost of maintenance go down.

Research proves that it will be more cost-effective to create unisex restrooms. These toilets will have all necessary facilities for both men and women, and will not misuse space that would have otherwise been occupied for two separate bathrooms. Also, Finish Line can ask the city officials to create a bathroom map that they can set up in different parts of the city. This way people will know the way to the nearest toilet. This will serve as a gender neutral restroom directory. If someone ever needs to pee, they can check this map and find a public toilet that is near by. Public restroom maps are common in the UK and Australia.

I always support buying shoes and sports apparel from Finish Line. A part of the sales money always goes into charity causes. This will help Finish Line to provide adequate amount of funds to construct unisex restrooms which will benefit the whole city and create a more hygienic place for all. So use your Finish Line coupon codes to buy their top-quality items at an affordable price, and do your part in improving your locality today!